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HR Trends for 2023: Pushing the limits

A better workplace culture is always managed and cared for in human resource management. New trends and initiatives are continuously being implemented in the workplace. But individuals are increasingly accustomed to changes since the workplace has undergone significant change. The pandemic that hit the world the year before caused a variety of challenging problems for organizations.

Trend 1-

Helping people in response to the cost of living crisis

What is the trend?

The lines separating work and life, as well as company and community, must be removed. People are experiencing the effects of rising food and energy prices all across the world. Sudden and ongoing inflation is what is causing this cost of living dilemma.

Implications of HR

The majority of individuals have reached the point where they are unable to pay additional living expenditures including bills, rent, and everyday expenses. The cost-of-living challenge is also unfair, particularly hurting those with lower incomes. In these difficult times, HR is essential in assisting organizations in being proactive in maintaining employee productivity and wellness.

Trend 2-

The return of unions

What is the trend?

It's time to dissolve the barriers between HR, employee advocacy, and opinion. Returning trade unions, worker rallies, and demands for wage rises are all on the rise as the cost of living crisis hits.

Implications of HR

Too frequently, unions and other stakeholders believe that HR simply represents the opinions of senior management, which creates tension right away. It's crucial to view unions and workers' councils as allies rather than adversaries. We can get greater results by involving unions in the co-creation and testing of ideas since they speak for the voice of the employee.

It's essential for HR professionals to develop into authentic activists, collaborating with all stakeholders, including management, clients, contractors, and employees.

Trend 3- 

Expert employees are the center of attraction

What is the trend?

The discriminatory barriers between skilled employees and the rest of the workforce need to be broken down. The discussion of hybrid working and whether employees should be at the office or checking in from home frequently consumes conversations with HR experts. 

This sector of the workforce is likewise plagued by a number of problems, including a lack of skilled workers and deplorable working conditions. Let's not forget that many of these groups were regarded as critical employees during the epidemic. Speaking about competent vs unskilled workers is also detrimental because everyone has skills and can benefit the company.

Trend 4- 

Solve the productivity dilemma 

The productivity conundrum can be resolved by removing preconceived notions of what is considered to be labor removing preconceived notions of what is considered to be labor, the productivity conundrum can be resolved. Organizations try to increase productivity by using Agile working practices, implementing new technology, and downsizing. However, output has stagnated, and many people report feeling overworked and exhausted. In the previous ten years, productivity growth has been at its rock bottom ever.

Implications of HR

It's essential for HR to demonstrate through hard statistics which initiatives contribute to maximizing productivity both within and outside the organization. Strong data exists that shows a connection between good employee mental well-being and performance.